Mika - Elle Me Dit [Novi singl]

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Mika - Kick Ass [Novi singl]

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Mika - Blame It On The Girls [Premijera spota]

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Glasanje za izvođača meseca!

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Za izvođača meseca oktobra glasajte u komentarima.
Jessica Mauboy
"Look what you did to me, cut me so very deep, I need a doctor 'cause this is startin' to burn. Try to fix it now, the bridge is to the ground. This love is over so baby just let it burn!" - Burn
Queen Latifah
"Cus I gave it to you freely, didn't know you were so needy. Baby, you got my heart in chains." - Cue The Rain
No Angels
"Why was I afraid to take a chance, knowing that I am strong? Take me to the floor and I will dance, watch me go on and on. Yes, now I’m heading in the right direction." - One Life
Whitney Houston
"Found hope in my heart, I found the light to life. My way out the dark, found all that I need, here inside of me" - I Didn't Know My Own Strength
"Left here on my own, I'm gonna hurt myself. Maybe losing my mind." - We Are Golden
The Veronicas
"When I Walk into the room people stop and stare. It's like nobody else is there. You know it's me not you, who said anything about you?" - Popular
Nelly Furtado
"No tengo armas para enfrentarte. Pongo mis manos, manos al aire. Sólo me importa amarte en cuerpo y alma como era ayer." - Manos Al Aire
Pixie Lott
"There something 'bout you that's like the sun. You warm up my heart, when I come undone. You're like my soul mate." - Band Aid
Backstreet Boys
"Thought I moved more than on, thought I could fool her charm. I really wanna go, but I can't leave her alone." - Straight Through My Heart

Mika - The Boy Who Knew Too Much [Novi album]

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1. We Are Golden.mp3
2. Blame It On The Girls.mp3
3. Rain.mp3
4. Dr. John.mp3
5. I See You.mp3
6. Blue Eyes.mp3
7. Good Gone Girl.mp3
8. Touches You.mp3
9. By The Time.mp3
10. One Foot Boy.mp3
11. Toy Boy.mp3
12. Pick Up Of The Floor.mp3
13. Lover Boy.mp3

Mika - We Are Golden [Novi singl]

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Mikin prvi singl "We Are Golden" je juče pušten na radio stanice u Velikoj Britaniji. Singl je skinut sa njegovog drugog albuma "We Are Golden" (21. septembar).

Mika - We Are Golden [Zvanični cover singla]

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Ovo je zvanični cover Mikinog novog singla "We Are Golden" kji na radio stanice kreće 17. jula. Singl je skinut sa njegovog drugog albuma "We Ae Golden" (21. septembar).

Mika - Songs For Sorrow [EP]

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Vaše želje - Nina, Darin_girl, miljana '94, Sekica '95

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Darin_girl, miljana '94
Sekica '95