Edita - One [Novi album]

Autor popmusic | 9 Maj, 2011
"One" je debi album Švajcarske pevačice Edite Abdieski koja se proslavila pobedom u prvom nemačkom X-Factoru. Na ovom albumu se nalazi njen top 10 hit "I've Come To Life", kao i drugi singl "The Key" na kojem je radio Jörgen Elofsson (Celine Dion, Britney Spears).
1. Give A Little Love Get A Little Love.mp3
2. The Key.mp3
3. Turn Back Time.mp3
4. I've Come To Life.mp3
5. Fade Away.mp3
6. When The Music Is Over.mp3
7. Someone To Lean On.mp3
8. I Don't Know Why.mp3
9. Change.mp3
10. Wouldn't Wanna Be Without You.mp3
11. I Don't Know.mp3
12. Untouchable.mp3
13. Another Universe.mp3
14. Nothing's Changed.mp3
15. The Best Thing About Me Is You (feat. Ricky Martin).mp3