Basshunter - Saturday [Premijera spota]

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Glasanje za izvođača meseca!

Autor popmusic | 30 Okt, 2009
Tokom oktobra je izašlo dosta albuma, tako da će izbor verovatno biti težak. A kada odlučite za koga ćete glasati ostavite komentar na ovom članku.
"And if it makes you feel good then I say do it! I don’t know what you’re waiting for." - Celebration
"I'm so fed up with my thoughts of you, and your memory, and how every song reminds me of what used to be." - So Sick
"Well as for me, I got out and I'm on the road. The worst part is that this...  This could be you." - Feeling Sorry
Mariah Carey
"We'd always stay together. Always and forever, but now I say that no one is inseparable!" - Inseparable
Selena Gomez & The Scene
"You have a way of moving me. A force of nature, your energy. It comes naturally!" - Naturally
Ivana Jordan
"Kad bi bila maleni cvet, a ti potok što udiše svet, da l' bi barem zastao na moj osmeh topao?" - Beli anđele
"I promised the world to you! I gave you flowers, you make my dreams come true." - I Promised Myself
Tokio Hotel
"Trains in the sky are travelling trough fragments of time. They’re taking me to parts of my mind that no one can find." - World Behind My Wall
 "And Kelly Clarkson's on the radio. I'm so sick cause we can't fight no more. And though I hate this song I can't help but sing along." - I Miss My Friend
"Won't confess all my sins, you can bet I'll try it. But I can't always win." - Gypsy
"You see me smiling, no one is gonna bring me down! You didn’t think that I’ll survive it, baby just look at me now" - Look At Me Now
The Saturdays
"When everyone's gone and you all by yourself, you know that you're gonna come to me for help." - Ego
Robbie Williams
"She's waiting for my words to break. The one true love I couldn't make." - The Trouble With Me
Alexandra Burke
"When you step it up I'm 20 levels up. I took the escalator, elevator to the top. How you like me?" - Broken Heels

Basshunter - Bass Generation [Novi album]

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1. Every Morning.mp3
2. I Promised Myself.mp3
3. Why.mp3
4. I Can't Deny (feat. Lauren).mp3
5. Don't Walk Away.mp3
6. I Still Love.mp3
7. Day And Night.mp3
8. I Will Learn To Love Again (feat. Stunt).mp3
9. Far From Home.mp3
10. I Know You Know.mp3
11. On Our Side.mp3
12. Can You.mp3
13. Plane To Spain.mp3
14. Every Morning (Michael Mind Edit).mp3
15. Bonus pesma.mp3

Basshunter - Bass Generation [Zvanični cover albuma]

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Zvanični coveri singlova [Post #5]

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Basshunter - Walk On Water [Premijera spota]

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Basshunter - I Can Walk On Water [Promo CD]

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Vaše želje - Nina, Darin_girl, miljana '94, Sekica '95

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Darin_girl, miljana '94
Sekica '95

Basshunter (Sekica '95)

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