Glasanje za izvođača meseca!

Autor popmusic | 30 Nov, 2009
Vaše glasove za izvođača meseca decembra ostavite u komentarima na ovom članku.
Cheryl Cole
"I realize some days I can be sweet and some I'm sour, but I can't help drink you up 'cause you're my happy hour." - Happy Hour
"I bet you must be thinkin' that you got me stuck, drinking all your words down..." - Dangerous
Leona Lewis
"Never thought I'd fall so hard. I'm putting back together my heart, it's broken." - Broken
Carrie Underwood
"You rescued me, saved my life. Just in time! Saw past all my issues and scars and made me try." - Quitter
"And tomorrow you’re gone, and we’re just a song I’m singin alone." - Only Tonight
"When you’re happy like a fool, let it take you over. When everything is out, you gotta take it in" - Good Life
"Where I'm going, I don't need my brakes. Can't wait to see your face when your front windows break and I come crashing through." - Fire Bomb
Kris Allen
"I turn my head and I look away, but I can't control my eyes around you." - Alright With Me
Lady GaGa
 "You shoulda made some plans with me, you knew that I was free. And now you won't stop calling me! I'm kinda busy." - Telephone
Adam Lambert
"There might have been a time when I would let you step away, I wouldn’t even try but I think you could save my life." - Whataya Want From Me

Novi baner - Madonna [Pevačica meseca, novembar 2009.]

Autor popmusic | 2 Nov, 2009
Madonna je rođena 15. avgusta 1958. godine u Michiganu. 1977. godine se preselila u New York da bi postala plesačica, potom je nastupala sa grupama Breakfast Club i Emmyi 1983. je izdala svoj debi album "Madonna". Serija hit singlova joj je donela globalna priznanja i ustalila je na tron pop muzike. Postala je pop ikona jer je pomerala granice kako pesmama, tako i kontroverznim spotovima. Kasnije je u svom radu počela sve više da koristi seksualni materijal, te je izdala album "Erotica", a potom i knjigu "Sex" i onda je glumila u erotskom trileru "Body Of Evidence". Tokom 2000-ih Madonna je izdala pet albuma i svi su se našli na vrhu Billboard top 200 liste. Proglašena je najprodavanijim ženskim rock izvođačem 20. veka i drugim najprodavanijim ženskim izvođačem u Americi. Prodala je više od 200 miliona albuma širom sveta. 2007. godine našla se u Ginisovoj knjizi rekorda kao najuspešnija pevačica svih vremena. Mnoge mlađe koleginice je smatraju uzorom!

Ovako ste glasali za izvođača meseca za novembar!

Autor popmusic | 1 Nov, 2009
Madonna 34%
Alexandra Burke 21%
Paramore 12%
Shakira 7%
Ne-Yo 7%
Selena Gomez & The Scene 7%
Mariah Carey 3%
Tokio Hotel 3%
Basshunter 3 %
Robbie Williams 3%
Ni jedan glas nisu dobili: Ivana Jordan, Mario, Agnes i The Saturdays.
I očekivao sam ovako nekakav ishod, mada me je veoma iznenadilo što je Alexandra Burke tako visoko pozicionirana i drago mi je što se i vama svideo njen album. Madonna je očekivano pobedila, dok sam za Mariah i mislio da neće dobiti puno glasova jer se ni meni njen album ne sviđa. Samo me je iznenadilo što The Saturdays nisu dobile ni jedan glas, ali možda je samo konkurencija bila previše jaka...

Glasanje za izvođača meseca!

Autor popmusic | 30 Okt, 2009
Tokom oktobra je izašlo dosta albuma, tako da će izbor verovatno biti težak. A kada odlučite za koga ćete glasati ostavite komentar na ovom članku.
"And if it makes you feel good then I say do it! I don’t know what you’re waiting for." - Celebration
"I'm so fed up with my thoughts of you, and your memory, and how every song reminds me of what used to be." - So Sick
"Well as for me, I got out and I'm on the road. The worst part is that this...  This could be you." - Feeling Sorry
Mariah Carey
"We'd always stay together. Always and forever, but now I say that no one is inseparable!" - Inseparable
Selena Gomez & The Scene
"You have a way of moving me. A force of nature, your energy. It comes naturally!" - Naturally
Ivana Jordan
"Kad bi bila maleni cvet, a ti potok što udiše svet, da l' bi barem zastao na moj osmeh topao?" - Beli anđele
"I promised the world to you! I gave you flowers, you make my dreams come true." - I Promised Myself
Tokio Hotel
"Trains in the sky are travelling trough fragments of time. They’re taking me to parts of my mind that no one can find." - World Behind My Wall
 "And Kelly Clarkson's on the radio. I'm so sick cause we can't fight no more. And though I hate this song I can't help but sing along." - I Miss My Friend
"Won't confess all my sins, you can bet I'll try it. But I can't always win." - Gypsy
"You see me smiling, no one is gonna bring me down! You didn’t think that I’ll survive it, baby just look at me now" - Look At Me Now
The Saturdays
"When everyone's gone and you all by yourself, you know that you're gonna come to me for help." - Ego
Robbie Williams
"She's waiting for my words to break. The one true love I couldn't make." - The Trouble With Me
Alexandra Burke
"When you step it up I'm 20 levels up. I took the escalator, elevator to the top. How you like me?" - Broken Heels

Novi baner - Nelly Furtado [Pevačica meseca, oktobar 2009.]

Autor popmusic | 1 Okt, 2009
Iako su u izboru za izvođača meseca borbu vodile Nelly Furtado i Whitney Houston, pobedila je Nelly. I sada ćete ceo oktobar gledati njen baner na blogu! :)
Nelly Furtado je rođena 2. decembra 1978. godine. Prodala je više od 18 miliona albuma širom sveta i trenutno živi u Torontu u rodnoj Kanadi. Postala je poznata 2000. godine sa debi albumom "Whoa, Nelly!" sa kojeg je skinut Gremijem nagrađeni singl "I'm Like A Bird". Nakon toga postala je majka i 2003. godine izdala je manje uspešan album "Folklore". Onda se 2006. godine vratila na vrhove top lista sa albumom "Loose" sa kojeg si skinuti hit singlovi "Promiscuous", "Maneater", All Good Things" i "Say It Right". Prošlog meseca je izašao i njen prvi album na španskom jeziku "Mi Plan", a samim time Nelly je ostvarila i svoj san. Prvi singl "Manos Al Aire" je postigao dobar uspeh, a zvanično je potvrđeno da će drugi singl biti pesma "Más".

Glasanje za izvođača meseca!

Autor popmusic | 28 Sep, 2009
Za izvođača meseca oktobra glasajte u komentarima.
Jessica Mauboy
"Look what you did to me, cut me so very deep, I need a doctor 'cause this is startin' to burn. Try to fix it now, the bridge is to the ground. This love is over so baby just let it burn!" - Burn
Queen Latifah
"Cus I gave it to you freely, didn't know you were so needy. Baby, you got my heart in chains." - Cue The Rain
No Angels
"Why was I afraid to take a chance, knowing that I am strong? Take me to the floor and I will dance, watch me go on and on. Yes, now I’m heading in the right direction." - One Life
Whitney Houston
"Found hope in my heart, I found the light to life. My way out the dark, found all that I need, here inside of me" - I Didn't Know My Own Strength
"Left here on my own, I'm gonna hurt myself. Maybe losing my mind." - We Are Golden
The Veronicas
"When I Walk into the room people stop and stare. It's like nobody else is there. You know it's me not you, who said anything about you?" - Popular
Nelly Furtado
"No tengo armas para enfrentarte. Pongo mis manos, manos al aire. Sólo me importa amarte en cuerpo y alma como era ayer." - Manos Al Aire
Pixie Lott
"There something 'bout you that's like the sun. You warm up my heart, when I come undone. You're like my soul mate." - Band Aid
Backstreet Boys
"Thought I moved more than on, thought I could fool her charm. I really wanna go, but I can't leave her alone." - Straight Through My Heart

Novi baner - David Guetta [Izvođač meseca, septembar 2009.]

Autor popmusic | 31 Avg, 2009
Ovog puta izvođač meseca je DJ David Guetta. Njegov novi album je odličan i ja ga stalno slušam pun pogodak. Zaslužio je da bude izvođač meseca septembra.
Francuski DJ David Guetta je rođen 7. novembra 1967. Popularnost je stekao 2005. godine, kada je njegov hit singl "The World Is Mine" stigao na sam vrh Evropske Dance top liste. 2008. godine našao se na 5. mestu na listi najpopularnijih DJ-eva na svetu, a proglašen je i za najboljeg house DJ-a u britanskom magazinu "DJ Mag". 2007. je nastupao u mnogim državama kako bi promovisao svoj album "Pop Life", a tada je nastupao i sa mnogim poznatim DJ-evima od Tiesta, preko Carla Coxa, pa do Martina Solveiga...

Glasajte za izvođača meseca!

Autor popmusic | 30 Avg, 2009
U komentarima napišite za koga mislite da bi trebao biti izvođač meseca za septembar.
Jessie James
"I call you when you’re working. Over and over again accuse you that you’re cheating when you’re not." - Psycho Girlfriend
 "You feel like it’s time to give up when your soul is cryin loud. Nothing lasts forever. You will find your way." - A Change
Sean Paul
"I'll be your sunshine, you could be mine. You'll be my windchime, I've got the rhyme. We'll have a good time!" - So Fine
Colbie Caillat
"So here I am, I'm taking my first step. Thought I was losing balance but I caught myself. I kind of like the challenge, no I don't need help..." - It Stops Today
Izvinjavam se na propustu, zaboravio sam Davida Guettu da stavim u izbor, ali evo sada to ispravljam.
David Guetta
"Looking out for you to hold my hand it feels like I could fall. Now love me right, like I know you can, we could loose it all." -When Love Takes Over

Novi baner - Demi Lovato [Pevačica meseca, avgust 2009.]

Autor popmusic | 31 Jul, 2009
Za pevačicu meseca avgusta izglasali ste Disney zvezdu Demi Lovato. Baš ovog meseca Demi će proslaviti svoj sedamnaesti rođendan.

Demi Lovato je rođena 20. avgusta 1992. Ona je američka glumica i pevačica. Popularnost je stekla ulogom Mitchie Torres u filmu "Camp Rock" i seriji "Sonny With A Chance". Pored glume ona je i solo pevačica, a svoj debi album "Don't Forget" izdala je 23. septembra 2008. Album je stigao na #2 Billboardove 200 liste jer je u prvoj nedelji prodat u 89.000 primeraka. Demi je prošlog meseca izdala drugi album pod nazivom "Here We Go Again". Album je u prvoj nedelji prodat u 108.000 primeraka što ga je na Billboard 200 odmah dovelo do prvog mesta!

Glasajte za izvođača meseca!

Autor popmusic | 30 Jul, 2009
U komentarima napišite za koga mislite da bi trebao biti izvođač meseca za avgust.
"Usualy I act like I'm an angel, I smile at you and treat you like a king, but now I'm kinda hooked on tequila. I could be nice but it's just not my thing." - I Can Be A Bh
Melanie Fiona
"My darling, baby this is a warning. Said that I'm leaving on monday morning. You'll get no answer no use in calling me 'cause im leaving on monday morning." - Monday Morning
Jordin Sparks
"There goes my attitude, I'm almost over you. You were supposed to be here like an hour ago. That's what you always do, give me some lame excuse like you were workin', sleepin', come on baby try the truth." - Emergency (911)
Brooke White
 "The way you look at me, the way you say my name, the way you talk to me, and all the silly games that you play. Must be lo-o-o-ove! Love, love baby. You’re no good for me but I like you, I like you." - High Hopes & Heartbreak
 Demi Lovato
"You never know what you want and you never say what you mean. But I start to go insane every time that you look at me." - Here We Go Again
Kristinia DeBarge
"I don’t care, if I never see you again, I’ll be alright. Take this final piece of advice, and get yourself together, But either way, baby I’m gone." - Goodbye

Glasanje za izvođača meseca!

Autor popmusic | 30 Jun, 2009
U komentarima napišite za koga mislite da bi trebao biti izvođač meseca za jul!
 Jessie James 14. jula izdaje svoj debi album "Jessie James".
Jordin Sparks će ponovo poleteti na vrhove top lista sa svojim drugim albumom "Battlefield" koji izlazi 21. jula.
Disney zvezda Ashley Tisdale se vraća bolja nego ranije sa svojim novim albumom "Guilty Pleasure". Izlazak albuma je odložen za 28. jul zato što se prvi datum poklapao sa izlaskom Jonas Brothersa.

Artist of the Month GLASANJE!

Autor popmusic | 25 Okt, 2008

Glasjte u komentarima. Za izvođača meseca novembra možete birati između:

 Girls Aloud ("Out Of Control" album izlazi 10. novembra)


Christina Aguilera ("Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade Of Hits" 11. nov.)


Dido ("Safe Trip Home" 17. nov.)


Beyoncé ("I Am... Sasha Fierce" 18. nov.)


Kanye West ("808s & Heartbreak" 25. nov.)


Izvođač meseca. Glasanje za oktobar.

Autor popmusic | 22 Sep, 2008

Glasajte u komentarima. Možete glasati za :

Keane ("Perfect Symmetry" album izlazi 13. okt.)


Sugababes ("Catfights & Spotlights" 20. okt.)

The Saturdays ("Chasing Lights" 20. okt.)

P!nk ("Funhouse" 28. okt.)



Artist Of The Month! Glasajte za septembar!

Autor popmusic | 25 Avg, 2008

U septembru albume izdaju sledeći izvođači za kioje možete glasati za izvođača meseca. Kao što znate, ko bude izabran stavljam njegove/njene sve singlove i albume na moj blog za download. Singlovi već 1. septembra, a albumi (i možda neki remix) kada budem imao vremena... Tako da, glasajte za svoje omiljene izvođače u komentarima!  Nominovani su sledeći:

Jessica Simpson ("Do You Know" album izlazi 09. sept.)


L.L. Cool J ("Exit 13" 09. sept.)


Monrose ("I Am" 15. sept.) 


Nelly ("Brass Knuckles" 16. sept.)


Ne-Yo ("Year Of The Gentleman" 16. sept.)


Hilary Duff ("The Best Of" 23. sept.) 



The Pussycat Dolls ("Doll Domination" 23. sept.) 


U slučaju da neko od njih pomeri datum izdavanja albuma za kasnije više nije nominovan i biće nominovan za onaj mesec za koji je pomerio album. A ako baš on/a ima najviše glasova, izvođač meseca će biti onaj ko ima najviše glasova posle njega. I ako bude jednak broj glasova za prvo mesto onda ja odlučujem ko će od njih biti izvođač meseca! Glasajte za vaše favorite! :) Glasove posle 31.08 u podne neću gledati!

Pevačica meseca - Britney Spears

Autor popmusic | 1 Jul, 2008

Za pevačicu meseca ste izabrali Britney Spears... Sad ćete ceo mesec imati svaki dan po neki Britney download na ovom blogu. Vaše želje više neću objavljivati u 18h kao do sada već u 20h, a nove singlove i pesme drugih izvođača u 12h, tako da će postovi o Britney biti negde između toga.

I danas stavljam na download sve Britneyne singlove pošto ste nju izabrali za pevačicu meseca. Sutra ću napisati ko je nomnovan za sledeći mesec! I evo Britney...

1999 - ...Baby One More Time



Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time.mp3

Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy.mp3

Britney Spears - Sometimes.mp3

Britney Spears - Born To Make You Happy.mp3

Britney Spears - From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart.mp3 


2000 - Oops!... I Did It Again 


Britney Spears - Oops!... I Did It Again.mp3

Britney Spears - Stronger.mp3

Britney Spears - Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know.mp3

Britney Spears - Lucky.mp3


2001 - Britney 



Britney Spears - I'm A Slave 4 U.mp3

Britney Spears - Overprotected.mp3

Britney Spears - I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman.mp3

Britney Spears - Boys.mp3

Britney Spears - I Love Rock'n'Roll.mp3


2003 - In The Zone 



Britney Spears - Me Against The Music (feat. Madonna).mp3

Britney Spears - Toxic.mp3

Britney Spears - Everytime.mp3

Britney Spears - Outrageous.mp3


2004 - Greatest Hits: My Prerogative 

2005 - B In The Mix: The Remixes 
2007 - Blackout 
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